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Rene (To Contact Rene Click Here)
Location: Portland, OR USA 
Zip: 97266
Monthly Rent: $660
Available: Now

Room Information

Rene is seeking: a Male OR Female roommates
Pets are: accepted
Smokers are: NOT accepted
Lease is: negotiable
Security deposit is: required
Public transportation is: available
Room is: NOT furnished
Room does: NOT have a private bathroom

Comments From Rene

Hello, thanks for checking out my listing.

Who I am looking for:

1. Someone who is easy to communicate with, doesn't take life too seriously and who is mostly optimistic.

2. Enjoys the presence of animals, not just tolerating them. Who wouldn't mind letting my dog out to go potty when I'm not home.

3. Occasional friends coming over and hanging out is cool, but not constant.

4. Someone who will not be bothered with my hours. I usually go to bed between 12 and 1 an and rise late too. ( I have no problem keeping the music or t.v. turned down if you go to bed at "normal" hours).

5. Non-smoker (occasional green is okay, but outside only please) and moderate drinking too.

My house is located in a quiet neighborhood with respectful neighbors. Very large fenced in yard which is great for dogs to run.

About me:

I'm a pretty chill and cheery 45 year old woman and tend to be a homebody when I'm not at work. I don't watch t.v. but do watch the occasional movie and love to listen to music. ( I am not one who watches t.v. constantly or just as having it on for background noise) I tend to eat healthy (wheat/gluten free) but do eat meat and veggies and fruit. I do not smoke and I rarely drink.

I love to sing and would welcome a musical roommate, as long as it doesn't disrupt neighbors or at inappropriate hours.

I have one very well trained dog and a caged rat. They are both mellow and friendly. My dog used to live with 3 cats and would welcome another if the right cat came along. Another dog would be fine too, depending on the fit. I plan on getting a puppy in the near future, as an fyi.

I admit to being a cluttery person, but do my best to maintain common living areas. I am also not opposed to hiring a maid once a week or so and splitting that bill if you'd like.

My hobbies: Singing, reading, drawing, painting, teaching my dog tricks,etc., riding motorcycles (dirt and street), tarot, astrology, gardening

Rent is by the week at 165 per week (average of 660 per month) with 165 first and last plus a 500 security deposit. Total move in is 830.

Standard room about 14x12 with a large closet for clothes and storing boxes. Bathroom is right next to the bedroom, which is shared with me. 2 separate sink areas as well.

I have a woodstove insert that is wonderful through fall and winter but also have a gas furnace that keeps the place comfortable when not burning wood.

Hardwood floors throughout the house makes for easier cleaning. (Floors can get muddy in the back room from dog in the back yard). Have a very lovely backyard with a deck and place to enjoy lunch, etc. Hoping to install a fire pit soon as well. View of huge fir trees with a park-like setting and no backyard neighbors.

The room should be ready by the 17th. (I just need to move my storage out and possibly paint one wall) No pictures yet because of this. I will update when I get the room cleared out.

I also have a basement that I am considering doing an airbnb with. If that doesn't suit you I understand, but want any potential renter to be aware of my plans.

Of course if you have any questions for me, please get a hold of me and if you would, please tell me about yourself, why you think you might be a good match for me and my dog and I'll get back to you if I think we might be a good match. I am not desperate for a roommate and will take the time I need to make the right choice for a good fit.


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